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 Introduction to

Infra Low Frequency Neurofeedback

Our presenter  Gunilla Radu will take you through a short by informative excursion into this unique , gentle but powerful approach to improving self-regulation of the brain for better mental health and well-being. You will learn:

what  Infra-Low Frequency (ILF) Neurofeedback actually is and  why  it is rapidly becoming one the most popular methods in Europe, Americas and other countries, as well as many reasones why it is something you should consider learning at our upcoming course

DATE: 29 of August TIME: 

18:00-18:40 pm AEST

(Australian Easter Standart Time or Sydney time)

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Free webinar: Infra Slow Brain Potential & Endogenous Neuromodulation

More about the method:

Imagine a method that can teach the brain how to regulate itself better again, how to relax and switch off into a joyful bliss or opposite -mobilize into sharp focus and concentrate on the most important things in life at the moment  and achieve goals that bring happiness, fulfilment, and balance.

Imagine a method that can help managers to become confident leaders with visiont hat inspires.

Imagine a method that can calm the most anxious, traumatised people who often lose hope to get better and often feel panicky, paralyzed from fear.


The good news is that Neurofeedback doesn’t need to be rocket science!

 ILF NF training is easy enough to learn and implement in your practice. Gradually you can scale further training and education to enhance and personalize protocols if needed.

Inventors of ILF NF and veterans of Neurofeedback Sue and Siegfried Othmers have developed an extensive Protocol guide based on many years of their work.

if you are interested to train in ILF Neurofeedback please register  here: 

5-day Introductory course in Infra Low Frequency Neurofeedback

for any inquiries please email organiser:

Rustam Yumash

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