Australia & New Sealand

Brain Mind & Memory Institute and BEE Medic company - long established partners, have finally launched an official Australian branch of BEE Medic to look after the  Australasian region better and make the experience of getting equipment for neurotherapy clinics easier and as seamless as possible. The Australian section of the website is now fully function and you can explore what BEE Medic has to offer here:

We are planning to support excellent career path for  professionals  passionate to work with clients using brain based neuromodulation methods. Neurofeedback is one the most trusted neuromodulation approach that allows more personalised individually taylored brain training methods for improveing self-regulation. 

We will work on offering superb resources for education and training as well for  for research projects.

The best way to learn about BEE Medictechnology for mental health is to listen to

BEE Medic CEO Bernhard Wondernoth

The uniquenesss of BEE Medic technology includes the following features:

1. It integrates full spectrum of neurofeedback methodology:

EEG frequency training 

Infra Slow Frequency Neurofeedback

Tomographic Neurofeedback

Heart Rate Variability biofeedback


2. Integrating EEG diagnostics -neuromarkers with neuromodulation

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