Rustam  Yumash  

BMed, Dip. Neurology (Baskir State Medical Institute)

Founding Director of the Brain Mind & Memory Institute

Fellow Applied Neuroscience Society of Australsia

Experienced Neurocoach using neuromodulation methods:

Infra Low Frequency Neurofeedback, photobiomodulation,  Cogmed Working Memory training, QEEG and ERPs brain function assessmenets.

Rustam has many years of experience in brain-based therapies. He started his career in Neurology after finishing Medical Institute in his hometown called Ufa- the capital of Bashkortostan Republic near South Ural Mountains.

During his student years, he found his passion for brain sciences as well as  alternative and more natural approaches like acupuncture, Tai-Chi, meditation, holotropic breathwork and biofeedback. Eventually he has developed his unique blend of integrative therapies, which may be called as Deep Integrative Neuropsychotherapy. He combines neuromarkers from Event Related potentials and Quantitiative Electroencephalography with profound interest in clients  personal history, Epigentics, Philosophy, Psychology and Quantum Physics. He believeds in power of personal  transformation and ability to transcend our biology and natural patterns to a higher level of being and optimal functioning.

After suffering cerebral vascular inflammatory condition with intensive headaches, he developed very keen interests in brain based therapies. His own suffering has made him sensitive to other’s people suffering. He realised that many health conditions are related to many factors and need to be addressed biologically, psychologically, and socially. These include epigentic factor from stress and trauma passed from previous generations and effecting individual person genetic expression and makeup. Through intensive breathwork and so called deep integrative psychotherapy course he learnt to work with unconscious emotional and thought patterns that normally are not easily accessible through talk therapy and often present as psychosomatic symptoms or maladaptive behavior and social difficulties.

Rustam has integrated Heart Rate Variability biofeedback into his approach, and it was really God sent. HRV has become an essential part of his work because Heart rate is a very sensitive indicator of copying and adaption, stress levels and any instability in the brain or body. This gives us reliable indication of any progress or a lack of it from our therapies. He often combines HRV with special breathing techniques to unlock proper breathing and achieve deep states of relaxation.

 In the last 13 years Rustam has mastered the so called Infra Low Frequency Neurofeedback developed by Sue and Sigfried Othmers.

It is a very unique standalone type methodology that Rustam found very effective for balancing , stabilizing and calming the brain.

Rustam’s favorite therapeutic modalities are Minfullness Meditation (also called Vipassan or Insight meditation), Breathwork and Neurotherapy or Neuromodulation.

In the last 8 years he has been experimenting with Near Infra-red light or Photobiomodulation and started adopting in the practice.  

 In the last 20 years Rustam was implementing electroencephalography in the clinical work in Australia. This field includes Quantitative Electroencephalography and Event Related Potential. Working under the mentoring of prominent expert like Prof. Juri Kropotov from the Human Brain Institute he helped many clinics to adopt this advanced methodology. He has set-up Brain Mind & Memory Institute and organised many workshops, webinars and conferences dedicated to the filed.

Rustam is a fellow member of the Applied Neuroscience Society of Australasia and actively supports this society’s mission to promote Neuromodulation methods in mental health.

At his spare time Rustam likes walking around natural surrounding and loves being in the bush. He found long meditation retreats very helpful for his spiritual and physical well-being. He practices Buddhist insight meditation with focus on mindfulness and loving kindness.

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