2023 Annual Conference Silver Sponsor

BMMI is a silvery sponsor of 2023 ANSA conference and we woud love to share exciting news and resources with attendees.Here are things you need to know if you are interested in modern era brain therapies based on neuromodulation and neuroplasticity, advanced brain diagnostics for a more informed clinical decision making based on neurophysiology and neuromarkers. 

BMMI is an authorised representative for these renowed brands in Australia: 


We are also reselers of EEG supplies from 


Please visit our online shop: www.braindiagnostics.com.au

ANSA members and conference attendeess can claim a special conference discount ANSA23

Brain Mind & Memory Institute (BMMI) is a private foundation established to promote the new era of personalised medicine through application of neuroscience-based methods in clinical practice of mental health. Our focus is on EEG based neuromarkers –precise measurements of brain function and cognition, including QEEG and Event Related Potentials allowing for more specific and sensitive personalised interventions.

BEE Medic and Mitsar are renowned manufacturers of EEG  amplifiers for EEG brain diagnostics are among the most popular devices for EEG acquisition among QEEG experts, especially its unique software WinEEG, which was developed at Human Brain Institute in St Petersburg Russia. The system allows the user to record high quality EEG and Event related Potentials but also through analysis using ICA (independent component analysis).

We also distribute HBIMed brain normative database, which is unique as the only database that includes norms for ERPs.

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