Technical support for EEG equipment and software


    • WinEEG (version 3.11.24)

     Please download the latest WinEEG from this link:

    • HBIMed Database

      Download link:

      There could be problems with the dongle driver in Win11. In Case of Win11 its better to not install the dongle driver and use the black dongle.

      Black dongle will be provided to workshop participants on daily basis or it  can purchase by sending request to

      You can try installing software but you may encounter some difficulties and may need support from Mitsar.  You can obtain it by emailing Mitsar supporrt:

      Mitsar support is available at this email or

      For support you need to install TeamViewer 13.2 (very important that it is not later version!!!). Download 

      After installing run this version and send login details to Mitsar support. Looks like this:

      Vitaliy from Mitsar support will login remotely and help with installation. 

      • LORETA Installation

      There is a requirement by LORETA developer that you register at his website:

      You will need to register and request a password. We can provide assistance during the conference preferably before  the workshop if you have difficulties. 

         Here are steps for LORETA installation

      d) install LORETA
      e) install sLORETA
      f) copy the Matrix
      g) connect WinEEG to Loreta
      h) connect sLoreta to Loreta


      Here is a document that outlines the process in details:  Setup Loreta and sLoreta.doc

      Mitsar support is available at this email

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