Jay Gunkelman, QEEGD-Emeritus

 renowned international mentor in QEEG analysis

Our institute has a long proud history of collaboration with Jay.It goes  back to QEEG and ERPs workshop in Australia in 2009 which he presented together with his close friend Juri Kropotov. He has become a trusted adviser, friend , consultant and mentor. It would be hard to imagine how we could have progressed in this field without Jay's generously sharing his vast knowledge and experience in EEG and QEEG. His amazing encyclopaedic knowledge, insights and humour helped us to make sense of hundreds difficult cases where he could pick up and interpret most subtle signs in EEG and ERPs in the context of each unique client.

As mentioned by other colleagues, he has probably recorded and analysed more EEGs than any other person in the field. His contributions to our understanding of basic EEG analysis, functions of the brain, abnormal processes and the EEG basis of human consciousness have been transmitted to thousands of students and professionals alike. 

We are currently running BrainSignals QEEG mentiong group with Jay

So you can experience his extraordinary approach to finding a meaningful signal through the noise in EEG.           




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