What experts say about the methodology developed by Prof. Yury Kropotov and his workshops:

“As a veteran researcher of International standing, Professor Yuri Kropotov brings a wealth of integrated knowledge about brain function and signalling to his presentations. His workshops are both theoretically and practically sound and are a “must-do” for clinical practitioners wanting practical markers to assist diagnosis and target treatment response.  I also recommend this knowledge as being especially useful for researchers in the field of neuroscience.

Dr Stephanie Fryer-Williams, Chief Researcher , Mental Health Biomarker Project

"...Thanks for organising the workshop.  I thought it was a great to have a presenter of such calibre... Every neuro-therapist needs to understand the tremendous contribution that biomarkers from ERP analysis can add to assessing mental health conditions.  As a scientist practitioner I am fascinated by such technologies and it is a rare privilege to be able to be taught by one of the world’s foremost authorities.  Having attended several of Yury’s past workshops, I can recommend the value of learning from this master scientist.  His workshops are informative, challenging, and as long as you understand Russian humour, funny!”

Dr. Phil Watts, Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

“Professor Yuri Kropotov is a world research leader into brain electrical fields and the significance of these fields to the understanding and healing of many psychological disorders.  Professor Kropotov is well known and highly respected for his recent seminal text on quantitative EEG, event-related potentials and neurotherapy, the first book to comprehensively address such matters.  With ongoing cutting edge work, he continues to add importantly to the emerging zeitgeist that is replacing conventional views on the functioning of the mind.  His work is essential material for those interested in the field of neurotherapy.

C. Richard Clark, BA (Hons), PhD, MAPS, BCN, FASS   Joint Clinical Director, Brain Health Clinics, Professor f Psychology, Flinders University


“Professor Jury Kropotov's unique methodology for the acquisition and analysis of QEEG and ERP data has provided our clinicians with a valuable tool to measure brain functioning in clients and to use this information to plan their treatment and to evaluate treatment outcomes. In addition, having such a powerful methodology for ERP analysis has provided us with the foundation to search for functional neuromarkers for PTSD resulting from refugee trauma. STARTTS is immensely grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Professor Kropotov on the analysis of ERP data collected in our clinical work with refugee clients exposed to torture and trauma. We count ourselves fortunate to learn from a world leader in this field whose expertise continues to inform our clinical work and research.”

Mirjana Askovic, Neurofeedback Program Team Leader, NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors

".. Thank you for giving me the amazing opportunity to study with Prof. Jury Kropotov. For such a towering intellect and eminent figure in his field he made the information surprisingly accessible and enjoyable. I am very grateful to you for the experience..."                

Jenny Hardwidge, Pharmacist

“After having attended 3 workshops with Prof. Kropotov I continue to be amazed at his depth of knowledge in the world of neuroscience.  His method of QEEG and ERP acquisition and analysis has been extremely useful in both my clinical work and PhD research.  Prof. Kropotov has definitely left his mark on the world of EEG biomarkers in psychiatric disorders – attendance at his workshops is a must for anyone interested in objective measurement in psychology and/or EEG-guided neurotherapy”.

Trevor Brown, BA (Hons), PhD Candidate Director, Positive Brain Training,  Neurotherapy, Listen and Learn Centre

“As a research collaborator, I count myself deeply fortunate to have worked under the guidance of Professor Juri Kropotov, and have benefitted immeasurably from his expert theoretical and technical understanding of the ERP paradigm that he continues to pioneer as a potential tool for measuring neuro-cognitive functioning. Having participated in two of his multi-day workshops, I then consulted individually with Dr Kropotov, and in three indispensable hours we were able to analyse and interpret data from a complex set of clinical records to deliver significant findings to my organisation. These findings have lead to an article currently under peer-review, and the methodological  knowledge that I gained through the process was sufficient to enable me to instruct other staff undertaking related analyses”.

                                                             Russell Downham, PhD

“Yury Kropotov is a true scientist. Through his dedicated work with Event Related Potentials (ERP's) he has taken a lot of the guess work of neuroscience away. With test retest reliability of 0.9, no other psychological tool to my knowledge can claim such accuracy. ERPs are being used in research globally now and trends seen in ERPs are demonstrating efficacy in predicting neuromarkers for different mental disorders. 

Many times in my private clinic I have seen that only the ERP s have been able to highlight information processing difficulties where the QEEG has been 'normal'. ERPs also give further validation of findings through converging evidence of both QEEG data and ERPs. 

Being able to measure the brainwave activity as the brain processes information in 1,000th's of a second and comparing this to an international database is an invaluable assessment. I believe it should be a part of any practice that is involved with training brainwave activity so that clear baselines can be established. The importance of ERPs, when we are interfering with the electrical activity of the brain, cannot be underestimated.”

                Nerida Saunders, Senior Psychologist, Brain Mind & Memory Centre, PhD research candidate

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