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Seminar with Professor Yuri Kropotov  
 Neuromarkers in Psychiatry:
  ADHD, OCD & Schizophrenia

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About seminar

In April 2017 the APS Neurofeedback & Psychology Interest Group (NFPIG) hosted  3  seminars at Perth, Melbourne and Sydney presented by the world renowned Neuroscientist Prof. Juri Kropotov. These seminars attracted more 100 members of APS and were very successful in drawing strong  interest in advanced applications of neuroscience in mental health and personalized precise tools for measuring brain function in health and desease.

The seminar was focus on the analysis of EEG (Electroencephalogram) and ERPs (Event Related Potentials). These measurement techniques are reliable and reproducible. The cost of each EEG assessment is relatively inexpensive compared to alternative assessment methods and the technique is noninvasive. 
The neuromarkers for ADHD, Schizophrenia, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorderweree reviewed and examples provided of how these neuromarkers may be used for diagnosis, personalized neuromodulation and for the monitoring of treatment outcomes.

The neuronal mechanisms that generate EEG spontaneous rhythms were also be explored and the functional meaning of ERP components in cognitive tasks explained.   


About the presenter


Prof. Yury Kropotov is a world renowned neuroscientist and leading expert in basic & applied neuroscience. Yuri Kropotov is qualified in theoretical physics, philosophy and in neurophysiology.  He completed two dissertations: “Infra slow electrical and metabolic processes in the human brain” (1975), and “Neurophysiological mechanisms of human memory” (1984). For this research he was awarded the highest scientific award - the USSR State Prize (1985), while his discoveries were officially registered by the Academy Committee in 1990 (diploma for highest achievement in science).

The unique methodology developed in his labs at the Human Brain Institute in St Petersburg and at Norwegian University of Science and Technology allows sophisticated analysis of brain electric activity, as described in his 2009 book “Quantitative EEG, event-related potentials and neurotherapy”. These precise measurements of brain function can be used as Neuromarkers in the clinical context to evaluate brain health in different psychiatric and neurological disorders. The translation of this methodology into clinical practice is presented in his recently published book “
Functional Neuromarkers for Psychiatry”. 

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