The Absolute Basics: Beginners EEG Recording and QEEG Analysis

2-day ANSA  post conference workshop with

Drs Rivi Sela and Michelle Aniftos

EEG and Quantitative EEG (qEEG) are valuable tools for supporting the diagnosis and targeted, effective therapy of a host of different neuropsychological disorders. This 2-day workshop will align with the International QEEG Certification Board to demonstrate step-by-step how to record and analyse EEG (electroencephalographic representations of brain activity) including:

➢ EEG artifact detection and QEEG Practical Analysis for Neurofeedback Application (12 hours)  
  • Editing raw EEG and artifacts ▪ Physiologic ▪ Extra-physiologic ▪ Movements in the environment  
  • Database Analysis ▪ subject inclusion and exclusion criteria ▪ statistical considerations within databases o Clinical and Cognitive Aspects of the EEG ▪ developmental changes ▪ origins of the EEG ▪ 
  • EEG phenotypes and EEG signatures which should be referred to specialists ▪ cognitive and clinical presentations before and following neurofeedback 
  • Montages and Spectral & Topographic Aspects of the EEG ▪ definitions and applications ▪ origin of EEG & frequency bands ▪ displaying results and terminology in QEEG
➢ Clinical Neurophysiology & Neuroanatomy (2 hours) 

Dr. Rivi Sela is the co-founder and CEO of BetterFly Neurofeedback, an innovative cloud-based neurofeedback technology that allows clinicians to treat patients both in the clinic and at the patient’s home. Rivi pioneered the neurofeedback field in Israel and has trained many neurofeedback clinicians. She founded the Brain Games-Israel clinics ten years ago, and treated hundreds of patients suffering from ADHD, epilepsy, autism, anxiety and depression. Under her supervision, the Brain Games clinics have provided diagnostic evaluations, QEEG recordings and analyses and non-drug interventions to patients of all ages, children and adults. Prior to embarking on her neurofeedback career, Rivi served for many years as the Chief Technology Director of the Sheba Hospital, the largest medical centre in Israel, and specialized in developing and implementing clinical technologies, including hardware and software, collaborating with leading companies from around the world.

Michelle Aniftos BCN QEEGD is a Clinical Psychologist and Director of a private mental health practice (Mylne Street Mental Health) in Toowoomba, Queensland. She has been accredited by Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and the Australian Psychological Society’s Clinical College as a Supervisor of provisional and registered psychologists, and clinical registrars. Michelle is past Convener of the Australian Neurofeedback & Psychology Interest Group; President and Fellow of the Applied Neuroscience Society of Australasia; and Chair of the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance - Australia.

Workshop preparations:

If you are attending this workshop please download and install the following essential software: 


click on this link to dropbox

NB! after installation some people had difficulties starting WinEEG on their computers. The simple solution is to  find the folder C:\Mitsar\WinEEG\VCR and run the file vcredist_x86_1.exe   After this WinEEG starts normally.

HBIMed database

Security Dongles for HBIMed Database with comparisons

In order to compare your EEG to normative averages in HBIMed database you will need to have a database security dongle. It will be supplied by Rustam at the workshop. Please make sure it is returned at the end of the workshop.

Remote support

for any installation issues please email to Rustam Yumash or come and see him at the Brain Mind & Memory Institute trade table during ANSA conference. We prefer to support you remotely.


There is a requirement by LORETA developer that you register at his website:

You will need to register and request a password. We can provide assistance during the conference preferably before  the workshop if you have difficulties. Please let us know in advance and have TeamViewer7 installed.

   Here are steps for LORETA installation
a) install the HBIdb software (this part1+2 is the proper software; it will also install all necessary drivers),
b) install WinEEG,
c) if the WinEEG version is higher than 2.90, then one needs to fill the c:\Mitsar\WinEEG\database folder with the files given
d) install Loreta,
e) install sLoreta,
f) copy the Matrix
g) connect WinEEG to Loreta
h) connect sLoreta to Loreta

Here is a document that outlines the process in details:  
Setup Loreta and sLoreta.doc

Rivi will only demonstrate basic LORETA at the workshop. But if you would like to go further to play withsLORETA you will need to download a MATRIX for LORETA

We are looking forward to see you at the conference and the workshop and BMMI table at the trade show!

for additional information please email Rustam Yumash

or call 0413181147 or 

skype r.yumash

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