About us

Brain Mind & Memory Institute (BMMI)- is a private  foundation established to promote application of neuroscience based  methods in mental and brain health. 

Main goals of the Brain Mind & Memory Institute:
- Support  Research & Development of Neurotechnologies both within Australia and internationally.     

- Contribute to improving Brain Diagnostics in clinical  practice using qEEG (Quantitative EEG) and ERPs (Event Related Potentials) techniques.We have established an extended network of
experts around Australia and overseas who are actively implementing Neuromarkers  in clinical practice. 

We closely work with our scientific adviser

Prof. Yury Kropotov

as well as our consultants and collaborators:

A former Director of the US National Institute of Mental Health Tom Insel has put the essence of  this Neuroscience based Renaissance in Mental health into simple words:

"The field of mental health is on the cusp of a revolution, which is set to transform the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness and reverse the lack of major progress made in curbing associated ill health and death over the past 100 years...
...We are at an extraordinary moment when the entire scientific foundation for mental health is shifting, with the 20th century discipline of psychiatry becoming the 21st century discipline of clinical neuroscience,” Thomas Insel,  before a meeting on the challenges facing mental health research at the Royal Society in London on 31 August 2014.

  Watch the extraordinary recent presentation by  Dr Thomas Insel:

In order to achieve our goals we collaborate and partner with many like-minded national and international organisations, universities and neuroscience laboratories, clinical practices and individual  researchers and  practitioners (see Networking & links). 

You can help too! Please feel welcome to join our foundation and support our initiatives by completing a Member Application form.


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