BMMI has a long history of collaboration with

 Dr.-Ing Bernhard Wandernoth

Bernhard is Founder / Chairman of BEE Group AG
Co-founder / CEO, HBImed AG.

He is a brillant electronic engineer responsible for developing a renowned Neuroamp instrumentation that has changed the landscape of Neurofeedback for ever.

He is founder of several companies supporting the development, approval and distribution of advanced EEG instruments.
Head Technology Research Analyst, BT AG
R&D Section Head, Contraves Space

Research Associate, Rome Labs, AFRL, Rome, NY, Associate Researcher, German Aerospace Center Doctorate in Electronic Engineering, DLR / TechnicaUniversity, MunichDiploma: Dipl.-Ing.

“I've always had a fascination with technology. I managed to survive in school thanks to my electronics and radio hobbies, after which I studied Electrical Engineering and Information Technology in Munich. I later completed a PhD in laser communication systems. My theoretical and practical findings on high-efficiency laser communication systems have since been used in the development of satellite laser terminals as the first commercial high-speed on-orbit networks.

When I heard about neurofeedback, it immediately caught my attention. After some research I thought that if only ten percent of the claims in this field are true, I want to be a part of it. So I created a 'landscape' of the field, as I was used to as an analyst, and discovered the Othmers and their successful practice in California, authorities in the field. The engineer is used to testing things. So, I took a class, bought some equipment, and tried neurofeedback on a few people. Indeed, the neurofeedback worked. I even managed to make a migraine go away. Convinced, I took responsibility for product development, qualification and regulatory approvals for this group.

I am proud to be able to contribute to technologies that improve the health and well-being of many people. I was surprised to learn that one in ten people suffer from serious mental illness, rather than one in ten thousand, as I originally thought. One in ten people is unable to live a normal, fulfilling life. The fact that our technology can help give these people a chance to live a balanced life motivates our team and partners to tackle technical challenges and develop solutions every day. The numerous positive responses from our customers and their patients continuously fuel our motivation."

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