2-Day Introductory Workshop

Application of functional neuromarkers 
in diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of psychiatric conditions
Dates: 26-27th of April 2017
Location Tweed Heads
This workshop is for practitioners who are seeking to gain more insights into Functional Neuromarkers in clinical practice and how  more precise measurements of brain function can support the clinical decision making in  brain based mental health practice. 
Brain based practice is a new paradigm recently emerged in Psychology and Psychiatry that brings together methodologies from neuroscience and clinical science as well as neurotechnologies. This workshop is combined with a  technical workshop  on QEEG and ERPs recording and analysis. The second day will be a hands-on  training for  professionals wishing to learn how to record EEG & Event Related Potentials. The workshop provides the opportunity for trainees to learn the basics: from handling equipment to recording a high quality EEG. It is a prerequisite for those who are attending the advanced workshop and haven't had any training in EEG and ERPs yet.

The program details:

Day 1  Introduction to Functional Neuromarkers in Mental Health
  1. What are functional neuromarkers: fMRI, PET, QEEG, event-related potentials (ERPs).
  2. Requirements for application in clinical practice.
  3. Neuromodulation techniques of 21 century: Neurofeedback, tDCS, TMS, DBS.
  4. Functional neuromarkers in healthy brain: mechanisms and functional meaning.
  5. QEEG Neuromarkers in ADHD and Alzheimer desease.
  6. Neuromarkers of sensory processing: schizophrenia, autism.
  7. Neuromarkers of cognitive control: ADHD, schizophrenia, OCD.
  8. Application of ERPs for predicting response to psychostimulants in ADHD.
  9. Application of QEEG and ERPs for constructing protocols of neuromodulation.
  10. Application of QEEG and ERPs for monitoring the results of treatment
Prof. Juri Kropotov will provide case studies and demonstration how to apply an advanced  computerised analysis of brain electric activity to detect physiological abnormalities in resting states and information processing. 
Day 2

Hand-on EEG recording , software and equipment for collecting  EEG and ERPs

  1. Practice: How to record a good quality EEG and ERP’s
  2. Participants will learn basics of EEG recording software and hardware, acquire practical skills of recording quality EEG and ERPs by practicing in pairs.
  3. Methods of EEG recording and montaging
  4. Recording EEG in resting state
  5. Recording evoked potentials in behavioural paradigms
  6. Learning to use EEG data analysis software, including WinEEG a very popular tools for EEG analysis.
  7. Analysing files from the HBI database & EEG files recorded during the workshop.                       Artifact correction, automatic spike detection, spectral analysis.

For all inquires contact Rustam Yumash:

email: info@mindmatters.com.au or call: 0413181147

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