Gunilla Radu

BMMI is proud to engage an experienced European Neurofeedback trainer Gunilla Radu to assist us in rolling out training courses in Australia with a focus on Infra Low Frequency Neurofeedback as well as broader spectrum of Neurofeedback and Neuromodulation therapeutic and wellness applications. We are planning our first Neurofeedback course in November 2023.

About Gunilla 

Gunilla was born and raised in Sweden.

Education: 1982 B.A. in sport and physical education (University Babes Bolyai, Cluj, Romania)

Work Experience: She worked as teacher in sport and physical education in Sweden for 20 years. She became involved  with Neurofeedback in 2008 and became a certified neurofeedback therapist (OMC).  She has completed several Neurofeedback courses based on Othmer’s method.

She started her own company Nordic Center for Neurofeedback in 2009 and a clinic at Medeon Science Park in Malmö.

She has arranged the first Basic Course in Neurofeedback for EEGInfo in Malmö, Sweden in 2012 and also supported the first course in Romania, in 2019.  

As an EEG Info partner in Sweden and Norway, Gunilla facilitated EEG Info Europe's basic and advanced neurofeedback courses in Malmo, Sweden for several years.

In 2017 she became an official partner for EEG Info in Sweden and Norway (since 2023 also Finland) and since then is teaching courses in Swedish. 

In the last 10 years, Gunilla has worked with hundreds of clients, children and adolescents with difficulties adjusting in the school environment caused by problems such as ADHD, nervous tics, anxiety, depression, difficulty concentrating. She also worked with adults with various problems, such as trauma, anxiety, who improved through neurofeedback. Gunilla is very interested in patients presenting with addictions in combination with trauma and nervous tics/Tourette's.

Gunilla is fluent in Swedish, English and Romanian.

Gunilla will be assisting BrainCare and BMMI in developing training courses as well as ongoing mentoring for students and practitioners. 

You can read the transcript of an interview with Gunilla:

We will soon arrange a free webinar with Gunilla to share her understanding and experience with Neurofeedback. 

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