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This page is a temporary home to an Australian initiative to expand Neurofeedback Advocacy Project in  United States downunder. 

The project initially started in  in USA with a mission to make Neurofeedback available to agencies that work with with vulnerable and underserved people. 

This project is supported by Brain Mind &  Memory Institute, BeeMedic, Neurofeedback Advocacy Project -US, STARTTS

Main ideas of the project:

Our Mission:
To make neurofeedback accessible to those who need it by building capacity within our existing healthcare system, with a focus on agencies working with the underserved and those most vulnerable. 


To advance our mission, we offer training and ongoing monitoring/evaluation of processes and outcomes to eligible agencies. To be eligible, an agency/practice must serve either an underserved or difficult-to-serve population or have at least 80% of clients who are low-income all  clients registered  with the Australian National Disability Scheme or other Not-for profit organisations providing therapies 


View the client populations that are typically eligible. Other populations can be considered as underserved or vulnerable, so contact us if you have questions about eligibility. 

What If

even your most treatment-reluctant clients eagerly and enthusiastically came to sessions and that No Shows, and Premature Terminations were rare?


 What If

nearly all your clients showed consistent progress that was reflected in measures of behavior, cognition, healthcare usage and satisfaction with treatment?

We are now asking agencies interested to become members of Neurofeedback Advocacy Project -Australia by  registering at this link: Neurofeedback Advocacy Project Member

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